Are you on a quest to find the best double strollers?

Well, your search ends right here because we’ve got you covered with the names of the best double strollers in the market complete with double stroller reviews to back them up.

We know that with all double strollers available in the market today, such a quest can be daunting so we’ve taken the liberty to make this buying guide for you so you would be making your choice from only what’s deemed to be the best double stroller.

Combine that with the double stroller reviews to give you a real account of how good (or not so good) the product is and you’ve got the ultimate combination to guide you better in coming up with the right decision.

Best Double Strollers 2017

In this buying guide, we’re going to be taking a look at the features you should be looking for in a double stroller and ten products we think are worth it. Educate yourself and be a smart shopper!

Double Strollers NameBrand NameType 
Joovy Scooter X2

JoovySide By Side Check Price
BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX

BOBJogging Strollers Check Price
Britax B-Agile

Britax USASide By Side Check Price
Baby Jogger City Mini

Baby JoggerSide By Side Check Price
Delta Children LX

Delta ChildrenSide By Side Check Price
Graco RoomFor2

GracoTandem Check Price
Baby Trend Sit N Stand

Baby TrendSit and Stand Check Price
Graco DuoGlider

GracoTandem Check Price
Baby Jogger City Select

Baby JoggerTandem Check Price
Joovy Caboose

JoovySit and Stand Check Price

1. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Don’t you just hate it when you have to fold your stroller just to get in through narrow doorways and passageways? It’s already an inconvenience to do if you’re folding an empty stroller but it’s all the more annoying if you have to let your kids get out so you could fold it and pass through.

That’s just totally stressful in itself. So, to take out the possibility of that predicament and have you actually enjoying your strolling experience even with the narrow passageways, the Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller came into existence.

The Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller is considered as the best there is in the market as it fits all the category of a good stroller that has everything that a parent need for their children, and has lesser “stress” factor that diminishes the value of the stroller!

Joovy Scooter X2 features:

  • Fits through ANY Door
  • Lightweight but Sturdy
  • Super Stability with Double Front Wheels and Sealed Bearings
  • Fully Reclinable and Adjustable Seats
  • Two huge canopies
  • Huge storage basket
  • Two zippered pockets
  • Two cupholders
  • Lightweight and Easy to Steer
  • Great Canopy Coverage
  • Fantastic Storage Space
  • Bumper Safety for Baby
  • Roomy Seats
  • Handle can’t be adjusted to different heights
  • Foot rests don’t seem to lock
  • Seats have to be fully reclined first before you can close the stroller which is a bit annoying

Though it has certain flaws, what the Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller lacks certainly fades with all the advantages it offers you. Almost all parents feel the same way as well. And that’s quite easy to say with all the raves it has received. Apart from all benefits mentioned above, did we mention that this stroller looks great too? So a stroller that’s pleasing to the eye and loaded with features that makes your life stress-free. To Buy or Not to Buy? For the price it has, it’s definitely a must buy.

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2. BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller

What makes a double stroller a bestseller?

It has to be filled with features that are useful, convenient and generally make parents’ lives easier in managing their kids when they have to be outdoors to run errands, do grocery shopping, exercise or even just to take a stroll in the park or zoo.

The BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller is considered as a “wise buy” these days. It has new features made not only for the comfort of the baby or the child but also, that of the child’s parents and/or caregivers.
Now, a check on the reviews find the BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller to be one of the models leading the pack. Now what’s in it that makes it a top notch favorite among many parents?

BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX features:

  • Easy Navigation with Swiveling Front Wheel
  • Comes with 3 wheels.
  • Adjustable padded handlebar offers 9 positions
  • Swiveling-Locking Front Wheel
  • Travel System-Ready
  • Compact and Easy to Fold
  • Easy two-step fold
  • Great Accessories
  • Great Design
  • Adjustable padded handlebar
  • Easy To Maneuver
  • Smooth Ride
  • Huge storage basket
  • Little pricey
  • Little difficult to fold

Overall though, the negative reviews the BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller has received from users do not affect its overall performance. Most parents find them to be a trivial and tolerable issue as this stroller still has numerous advantages over the flaws. That’s why it’s not hard to see why it has become a bestseller among all double strollers.

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3. Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

Any mom and dad would love the convenience of having a double stroller that’s lightweight, quick to use and easy to navigate. You’ve got two kids to keep an eye on afterall so whatever easy peasy features a double stroller has would be much help and appreciated. Enter the Britax B-Agile Double Stroller.

The Britax B-Agile Double Stroller is a lightweight, easy to maneuver side-by-side stroller. At 30.5 inches wide this Britax double stroller will easily fit through standard doorways, ensuring you can get about town hassle free. The infinite seat recline positions make this stroller perfect for infants and toddlers, ensuring this stroller’s usefulness for years to come.

The Britax double stroller is a lightweight stroller known for its maneuverability. It’s side-by-side seats easily fit through standard doors while its all-wheel suspension and front swivel wheels ensure a smooth ride. This stroller also includes one Britax Infant Car Seat so baby can easily go from the car to traveling about town.

Britax B-Agile Double Stroller features:

  • Easy Click and Go Adapter System
  • Reclinable Padded Seats
  • Threadless Harness System
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Infinite seat recline positions
  • Large canopies
  • Mesh ventilation windows allow you to see your children
  • The stroller is equipped with an automatic chassis lock
  • Has additional storage pockets behind the seat
  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • Adjustable handle bar
  • Easy to push
  • Very easy to fold
  • It’s not compatible with other car seat brands
  • The snack tray is positioned quite far from where the child sits
  • There are some parents who find the storage area to be not so spacious

Overall, the Britax B-Agile Double Stroller got really good reviews from users. With that, we can definitely see that many parents find it useful and helpful in taking care of their kids.

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4. Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller

When living the urban life, time can catch up on you because of all the things you need to do. It can get pretty stressful when errands pile up so you need all the help you can get.

That’s what the Citi Mini Double Stroller is for. Having kids need not hinder or slow you down from ticking things off your to do list because this stroller can certainly enable you to still finish you errands and manage your time wisely.

Each padded seat of the Citi Mini Double Stroller is reclinable to a near flat position which is very helpful if your tots get tired or if you have babies around 2-3 months old so they can sleep comfortably. Moreover, what parent wouldn’t love the perks of these seats having vented seat tops and retractable weather covers? Not all strollers come with this accessory when you buy it. For your peace of mind, this stroller features five point harnesses that are easily adjustable, complete with shoulder pads and buckle covers to so that you can be assured that your kids are
securely strapped inside the stroller.

Baby Jogger City Mini Features:

  • Quick Fold Technology
  • Comfortable and Secure Seats
  • Huge Multi-Position Canopies
  • Front wheel suspension provides a stable ride for your babies
  • 8″ wheels can be set to swivel or locked
  • Large canopies
  • Easy to fold
  • Quick Assembly and User-Friendly
  • Easy Maneuverability
  • Easy Folding and Storing
  • Reclinable and Roomy Seats
  • Large canopies work independent of each other
  • Not much storage space for a diaper bag
  • The storage basket is a bit hard to access
  • Not made for jogging purposes

The Citi Mini Double Stroller, which is NOT made for jogging purposes, was dubbed by its manufacturers as “an award winning stroller that captures the essence of urban mobility.” By the praises it got, many of the parents agree with this statement. Flaws it had proved to be a minor issue because overall, it doesn’t affect the stroller’s overall performance. As one dad said, it’s neither the lightest nor the strongest double stroller but it’s a good compromise for the money.

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5. Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

When you have two kids above 6 months, most especially those in toddler years, mobility of double strollers is essential so that going out or running errands with them would be easier, faster and more convenient. It’s a good thing then that the Delta LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller is there to cater to this need.

Lightweight and compact, the Delta Children double umbrella stroller is great for travel and quick errands. Parents that just need to get their kids from point A to point B, and aren’t looking for a lot of bells and whistles will find their needs met with a simple umbrella stroller.

The Delta Children double umbrella stroller is an excellent option for parents that want to get away from the heavier, bulkier, “luxury” brand strollers. Simple, lightweight, and economical the Delta umbrella stroller offers a compact option for strolling around with two.

Delta Children LX features:

  • Offers Great Mobility
  • Lightweight and Folds Easily
  • Guaranteed Safety and Comfort
  • Equipped with 360 degree shock absorbing
  • Comes with a 5 point harness
  • Two large hanging storage bags
  • Large European style canopies
  • Travel Friendly
  • Fits through Doors as Promised
  • Lightweight but Sturdy
  • Great Storage Compartment
  • 360 degree shock absorbing system
  • The size of the stroller found smaller
  • Canopies don’t block much sun
  • Wheels get stuck
  • There are some parents also complained that the wheels get stuck on sidewalks
The Delta Umbrella Double Stroller is not recommended for newborns. However, double stroller reviews find children six months and up will be safe and comfortable in this model.

Despite the few setbacks the Delta LX Side by Side Tandem Stroller has, many parents still find it convenient to use most especially for its being lightweight, compact, easy to fold and transport and most of all, so easy to get through any door or narrow passageways.

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6. Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride Classic Connect Stroller

When you’ve come to the point where your eldest child is around 2 years up and your second is still a baby, keeping the former occupied or behaved can be quite a challenge. A toddler can never quite stay put because he or she already knows how to walk and is discovering the beauty of independence and the wonders of his or her surroundings.
You’ll want a double stroller that can work out for your toddler whether he’s restless or tired. That’s when the Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride Stroller enters the picture.

Offering two seats with a weight capacity of up to 50 pounds, the Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride Stroller is great to use when you are out walking or running errands with both children in tow. The front seat features multi positions and can be fully reclined so you can have your baby lie flat during nap time. Meanwhile, your older child is sure to love the rear bench seat. It comes with pads for comfortable sitting and as an option, you can have your toddler stand on the sturdy platform when bored or restless.

Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride Features:

  • Comfortable Front and Rear Seats for Two Kids
  • Provides a Safe and Secure Ride
  • Weight capacity of up to 50 pounds
  • Easy maneuverability
  • The front seat offers convertible three to five point harness
  • Convenient One-Handed Fold
  • User-Friendly Accessories
  • Accommodates one infant car seat
  • Compatible with all Graco Infant Car Seats.
  • The car seat latches securely into place above the front seat.
  • Seat Cushions are conveniently machine-washable in cold water on a delicate cycle.
  • Stroller frame is easy to clean with soap and warm water
  • Easy to Fold and Transport
  • Really Sturdy and Easy to Push
  • Perky Accessories
  • Smooth ride
  • Convenient
  • The canopy which doesn’t go all the way forward and is just not big enough in size

The Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride Double Stroller is a winner among the hearts of many users but as reviews are public and easily accessed by anybody from any part of the world, you can see for yourself that it has received many praises and recommendations from parents who are satisfied with how it performs. Getting one for yourself would be sure to have you adding your own high rating and recommendation as well.

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7. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

For more fun times with two of your kids in varying age, it would be ideal to have a stroller that caters to both of their needs.

There’s no problem for your baby because all strollers have comfortable seats that recline including all the way down for a comfortable sleep but what about your elder kid who just learned to walk and is now more curious than ever to explore all the surrounding things he or she sees? Well, what you need is the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller.

When your older child gets to such an active stage, having him or her sit and lie down is not an ideal option. Forcing your kid to so do would only result in tantrums so to grant that desired independence and space, the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller’s rear is perfect because it offers him or her the option to happily sit or stand while observing all surrounding things and scenery.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand features:

  • Cozy Front Seat for Baby and Comfortable Rear for your Older Child
  • Safety Features for a Sure Protected Ride
  • Equipped with a 5-point child restraint safety harness
  • Easy One Hand Fold
  • Rotating Canopies to Provide Better Shade
  • Accessory Treats for Parents
  • Extra large basket
  • Glides Smoothly
  • Great Snack Trays and Good Cup Holders
  • User-Friendly
  • extremely easy to use
  • Basket is not as large
  • Not recommended on sideway

Despite the drawbacks, a major chunk of the user reviews find the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller a wise purchase because their advantages outweigh whatever issues they encountered while using it and most of them actually found ways to resolve these issues just like what the dad shared in one review.

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8. Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller

When you’re a growing family, a good, durable stroller that offers much benefits and convenience is definitely a must have. It’s hard to do this with only one stroller in tow because even if you’re eldest may already be a toddler who can walk, note that he’s all the more heavy to carry if he’s tired, not to mention crankier.

So when you go out with both baby and toddler kids, have them seated comfortably in the Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller.

The Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller have the two seats that are reclinable for your children to sleep soundly if they’re tired and had enough adventure for the day. You also have the option to adjust them in 3 or 5 point harness to make sure that baby is strapped securely wherever you go.

Each seat comes with a footrest so babies and toddlers are sure to be in comfort from head to toe especially when you are on long trips. What’s more, this stroller features individual canopies that can rotate to ensure that your kids are protected from the harsh elements of the environment like the sun’s UV rays, rain and insect bites.

Graco DuoGlider Classic features:

  • One-hand, Standing Fold
  • Easy Folding
  • Makes a Good Travel System
  • Comfortable Seats
  • Front Swivel Wheels
  • Better Viewing with Stadium Seats
  • Comes with an extra large storage basket
  • The stroller’s front swivel wheels that can be locked
  • Compact Size
  • Lightweight yet Sturdy
  • Easy to Open and Collapse
  • Large Canopies give Great Shade
  • Huge Storage Basket
  • Cup holder which is found to be too small
  • Some wished for the seats to be more reclinable as in all the way flat

Overall, the Graco DuoGlider Classic Stroller received more positive feedback from users and for what features it lacks, majority of the parents still find it good to use as it has definitely made bringing their child along for strolls, trips and errands easier. At such a good price deal with more pros and cons, this stroller came highly recommended.

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9. Baby Jogger 2016 City Select Double Stroller

Imagine yourself happily strolling with your two kids, humming along and feeling the breeze caress your face for about a maximum of 15 minutes. After that time’s up, what started out as a stress-free leisure stroll turns out to be a nightmare as your kids eventually got bored and restless, trying out all sorts of ways to get out of the stroller.

How would you handle such a situation especially if you’re alone? Well, that’s when City Select Double Stroller comes to your rescue.

You’d be pleased to know that keeping your kids occupied while riding in the City Select Double Stroller is a breeze because with its multi-functional design innovation, you can choose a variety of seating arrangements that’s up to 16 unique combinations. With such a number of seat options, your babies are sure to be kept from getting bored and restless. You can carry on with your stroll in peace.

Baby Jogger City Select Features:

  • Multi-Seating Arrangements
  • Over 16 different combinations from double tiered car seats
  • Reclinable Seats
  • Patented Quick Fold Technology
  • Telescoping Handlebar
  • Lightweight Wheels with Front Wheel Suspension
  • 45 lb. weight capacity per seat and multi-position footwell
  • UV 50+ Sun Canopy
  • This seat was built for comfort.
  • Wheels that Can Tread on Many Surfaces
  • Built with Quality Materials
  • Easy to use
  • Really Narrow
  • Huge Storage Basket
  • Little heavy
  • Little pricey

For what negative reviews pointed out, the City Select Double Stroller is still one of the top selling double strollers in the bunch. This just goes to show that parents are still satisfied with its performance and find that its advantages certainly matter more than a few flaws. Hence, despite the hefty price this stroller comes at, many parents still purchased it. If you would get yourself one after thoroughly evaluating the reviews, chances are, you’d have wonderful things to share too.

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10. Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller

Having problems when you’re out with 2 children of varying ages? Perhaps it’s time to buy or move on to a double stroller that caters to both their needs now that your older one is more active and feisty than the other.

What you need is a stroller where your toddler can do things other than just sit and watch everything happening around him. Now that he can walk and freely touch things, it’s natural that he wants to interact with all that he sees. Enter the Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller.

For a double stroller, the Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller is pretty light to carry. At only 29.7 pounds, you can transport it easily in and out of your vehicle or wherever you have to bring it. Women with smaller frames can carry this stroller without much difficulty. Top it off with a compact footprint and it’s just as easy to store on trunks of standard sized cars as well as on storages with limited space.

Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller Features:

  • Versatile Seats that Fit their Age
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Convenient Universal Car Seat Attachment System
  • Large Storage Basket with Matching Storage Pockets
  • Comes with an easy trigger fold with folding lock
  • seats are made of deluxe rip stop nylon fabric
  • Deluxe harnesses feature reflective stitching for night time safety.
  • Handles are foam covered for parent and child to have comfortable handling.
  • Canopies are removable and adjustable
  • Keeps Older Child Occupied and Less Bored
  • Compact Wheel Footprint Makes for Easy Steering
  • Easy & compact trigger fold
  • Great Handle Height
  • Easy to Open and Close
  • Easy to maneuver and navigate through crowds or narrow places
  • The storage basket is inaccessible when the infant seat is in use
  • The rear seat having little room when the front seat is reclined

Overall though, the negative feedback the Joovy Caboose Sit on Tandem Stroller are mostly minor and does not affect, in any way, its good standing because parents still find it to be a very helpful stroller that they recommend to anybody with 2 kids not so far apart in age.

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Double Strollers Buying Guide

There are a number of features to look out for when shopping for double baby strollers. This guide will help out in making a purchasing decision. With that said, let’s get to the features!

1. Large Wheels

Some double jogging strollers come with larger wheels to assure you of a smooth ride and easier pushing. These larger wheel sizes come in 12-20 inches in diameter. It really helps to have a stroller with large wheels, but some people enjoy smaller ones. It all depends on your preference and what you and your kids like.

2. Aluminum Frame

An aluminum frame is the lightest option. Lightweight frames make for easy pushing and a long stroller life span. Most double jogging strollers these days are made from aluminum to provide you with an easier pushing experience.

3. Adjustable Handlebars

Because parents are usually a different height than each other, having this option available means that both parents can use the stroller comfortably.

4. 5 Point Safety Harness

This is now pretty much a standard feature of most double jogging strollers. A 5 point safety harness system ensures that you’re baby stays well protected. When encountering stress on the harness, the pressure is absorbed by the whole body, unlike single seat belt type harnesses. This makes it more comfortable for babies. Also, children are secured in a correct seating position instead of being able to wiggle around.

5. Adequate Padding

You should look for a double jogging stroller that has an adequate amount of padding. This ensures your baby can sleep and have a comfortable experience in the stroller. Strollers without adequate padding can make your baby fussy and want to get out of the stroller seat all the time.

6. Well Built Canopy

Canopies keep babies safe from wind, rain, and sun. They are a standard feature of most double jogging strollers, so see if you can find one with the maximum coverage available to keep your children comfortable.

7. Easy Fold Up For Storage And Travel

Being able to fold the car seat for travel purposes is essential. Most double jogging strollers are equipped to fold up into a compact size so you can fit it in the trunk or back seat of your car.

8. Storage Area/Basket

A storage basket is great to carry baby bottles, diapers, and other necessities your baby needs. Make sure the basket or storage area is big enough to hold everything you need to take with you.

9. Warranty

This is a great feature that keeps you safe from factory defects. Look for a warranty of 1 year or more.

10. Name Brand Quality

This is a great way to ensure that you get the best baby stroller for your money. Most name brand manufacturers with a good reputation will be a safe buy. They’re designed to be the best in the business. Some great makers of baby strollers these days are Baby Jogger, Chicco, and Schwinn.

11. Check Amazon Reviews For Experiences

This isn’t really a feature, but it should be something that you do when considering a purchase. This will ensure you know what to expect with the stroller and any problems the stroller may have. A rating of 4 stars and up is usually indicative of a safe purchase.

6 Types of Double Strollers

Well, to give you a closing of your quest to find the best double stroller for your tots, here are the 6 types complete with double stroller reviews according to what its best for, pros and cons.

1. Side by Side or Twin Strollers

This double stroller comes with two seats positioned side by side each other with equal arm and leg room.

More storage underneath the seats, both seats can fully recline, better choice for heavy kids, no fighting as to who gets to sit in front, both kids can see and interact with each other.
Hard to push sometimes, difficult to pass through doors and store aisles, both kids may have the tendency to fight with each other.
Best For:
According to double stroller reviews, it’s ideal for strolling in the park or in a place where there’s lots of scenery. Your kids are facing front so they can see everything that’s happening in their frontal and peripheral vision.

2. Tandem Strollers

This double stroller has two seats with one placed at the back of the other. Because of its arrangement, it’s only the back seat that can recline fully while the front seat can recline halfway.

Can fit through doors and store aisles easily, kids don’t fight as easily, some seats are multi-positioned so they can be turned for your kids to face each other, some models can hold infant seats.
There’s a tendency for difficulty in pushing and maneuvering particularly if you have heavier kids, possibility of hair pulling if your kids are quite big enough, can also be a challenge when it comes to storing it inside your car trunk.
Best For:
Double stroller reviews suggest that it’s ideal if you have an infant child sit at the back while your feisty toddler can sit in front so he can see everything happening and have lesser chances of getting bored.


3. All Terrain Double Strollers

From the name itself, you’ll know it has something to do with surfaces you tread on. These strollers are designed like a triangle with three wheels, 2 at the back and 1 in front. The front wheel has the the ability to swivel for easier navigation among tight or curbed areas and to lock straight for more stability. Note that these strollers though are not meant to be used for intense jogging or running as there’s the double jogger for that.

Most of these strollers also come with features that are intended for parents like height adjustable handles, parent trays and cupholders and huge storage baskets. Have sturdier aluminum frames and large canopies to protect baby from all the outdoor trekking you plan to do.
Most come with fixed sling seats that is not suitable for babies below 6 months old. While they do fold, it’s not as compact as you’d want it to be so chances are, you’d still need to take out the front wheel just so it would fit the trunk of a standard-sized car.
Best For:
According to parents’ double stroller reviews, this stroller works well if you’re fond of off-roading excursions, hikes, beaches and yes, even uneven urban jungle.

4. Sit and Stand Strollers

This stroller accommodates two children with one sitting on the seat of the stroller in front and the other can sit on the rear padded jump seat or stand on the platform.

Helps a lot in keeping your toddler occupied, has nearly the same width as a single stroller so it’s easier to maneuver through doors and tight spaces, the front seat usually reclines so your younger child or baby can nap comfortably, most models can easily accommodate car seats.
They are long so this means you need more clearance to turn, when the front space is reclined, there’s is less room for the rear seat where your toddler can sit in, most models comes with a stationary so you can’t change positions in accordance to the sun’s shade.
Best For:
Double stroller reviews stated that it’s most popular for parents who have kids who are spaced a few years apart. Your younger child can sit in the regular stroller seat but for your older kid who has discovered the wonders of independence, you can have him step into the rear part to stand, so he can easily get down if he wants to check out something he sees AND sit, if he gets tired and just wants to take a rest.

5. Umbrella Double Strollers

This type of stroller feature an upside down J-shaped handle that’s similar to that of an umbrella; hence its name.

Inexpensive, incredibly lightweight, folds up to a small size, compact, easy to navigate in tight corners or crowded spaces, it doesn’t take much room in the car trunk or storage area.
Comes with only the most basic features – no large storage area, no huge canopies and no trays or cup holders, cannot hold children below 6 month old or those that cannot support their heads and necks yet, not as comfortable or durable as a full stroller.
Best For:
As per double stroller reviews, this product is ideal parents who are on-the-go and travel often as its features come in handy when you are gate-checking at the airport or train station. It’s also ideal among older children as it’s quick, light and easy to use.

6. Double Jogging Strollers

Even if you have babies, your love for running doesn’t have to stop, thanks to this stroller. It is equipped with an all-wheel suspension system so your babies can still have a smooth ride even if the terrain you are running on is uneven. It’s actually a bit like the All-Terrain because it comes with three wheels too but what makes it different are its tires, which are mostly bicycle wheels, and its front wheel which is fixed. It doesn’t swivel because this is this is needed for supreme stability when you are running in bumpy areas. Along with these are hand brakes, parent wrist tethers, 5-point safety harness and other features that make running safe for you and your babies.

Gives great stability for running because it’s safe for you and your baby, helps to shed off the baby weight, more terrain options for running, you can actually join running competitions with your baby, comes in an attractive and stylish design.
Not good for babies that can’t sit up and hold their heads and neck yet. They also don’t come with a special infant seat. Can be bulky so this could cause a problem if you have limited space in your car and storage. Can be pretty expensive too.
Best For:
Double stroller reviews recommend it as ideal for serious runners who are under training or still want to maintain their healthy exercise.