If you have hardwood floors, then a steam mop is really a must. Steam mops put out a high amount of very hot steam, which kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

These steam mops are also very good at dissolving food and other dried on gunk. You’ll find that your hardwood floors smell clean and fresh and are exceptionally clean if you use a high quality best steam mop.

Best Steam Mop 2017

In this article we’re going to list the factors you should be considering when shopping for a steam mop, and list ten high quality steam mops.

Let’s take a look at the list of Top 10 Best Steam Mops 2017

Steam Mop NameWater TankHeat Time 
Hoover WH20200

16-ounces30 seconds Check Price
Bissell 1867

17.5-ounces30 seconds Check Price
Shark S3501

15-ounces30 seconds Check Price

11.83-ounces20 seconds Check Price
Bissell 1940

Best Seller
15-ounces30 seconds Check Price
Shark S3601D

16-ounces30 seconds Check Price
Oreck Steam-It

16-ounces30 seconds Check Price
Haan SI-70

11.83-ounces20 seconds Check Price
Eureka Enviro 313A

20-ounces20 seconds Check Price
Black & Decker BDH1850SM

10.1-ounces15 seconds Check Price

1. Hoover WH20200 TwinTank – Budget friendly

Hoover Twin-Tank Disinfecting Steam Mop is possibly the most recent and highly revolutionized steam mop that has crept into household cleaning in style.

The recent past has proved it to be the best steam mop for tile, wooden, vinyl and laminated floors’ cleaning as well as cleaning and refreshing carpets. A major feature that has put it on the cutting edge and made it amass best steam mop ratings is its twin-tank feature that engages a disinfectant and steam separately. One may opt to use the multi-purpose disinfectant alongside steam cleaning or use the steam alone and later use the pure disinfectant if need be, eventually getting rid of up to 99 percent of harmful bacteria strains. Both the multi-purpose disinfectant and the pure disinfectant are biodegradable and non toxic, and are readily available in Hoover Product Stores and its affiliated shopping sites.

Hoover WH20200 Features:

  • 8-ounce disinfectant tank
  • 16-ounce steam tank which are both removable
  • Has a triangular swivel
  • Features a ball-joint between the swivel and the handle base which makes it highly ergonomic and easy to use under furniture.
  • Tuning dial to variedly set the cleaner at different cleaning mode
  • Power indicator to show when the water in the tank steams up and gets ready for use
  • The control trigger is handily positioned
  • 3 machine-washable microfiber cleaning pads
  • 30 fit power cord for extensive coverage
  • Is very light, barely exceeding 11 pounds
  • Light weight nature, 11 pound
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to customize
  • Perfect grip on the microfiber cleaning pads
  • Very short time for the machine-ready
  • Flooring must be cleaned before use to prevent clogging of steam vents
  • The head is a little large

The hook and loop system used to lock the pad on the swivel proves to be very satisfactory. Some of the users testified that their intentional attempts to disengage the pad from the swivel while cleaning were futile, and this makes the piece the best steam mop for tile and grooved wooden floor cleaning.

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2. Bissell 1867 Steam Mop – Best steam mop for hard floors

The Bissell Steam Mop 1867, Green Tea offers a very nice alternative way to clean your floors without using harsh chemicals. Unlike a regular mop that uses a bucket of water, which quickly becomes filthy, the Bissell Steam Mop 1867 uses steam which dries very quickly so you won’t have to keep everyone out of the kitchen while the floor dries.

The Bissell Steam Mop is light weight, easy to use, and the cleaning head swivels 360° making it easy to get to those hard-to-reach places. There is a built-in water filter to protect the machine itself from mineral buildup but also to prevent hard water stains on the surfaces you’re trying to clean. The reusable microfiber pads are safe on any sealed hard surface and are easy to clean by simply tossing them into the washing machine.

Bissell 1867 Steam Mop Features:

  • Bissell Steam Mop: 6 x 11 x 42.2 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 17 pounds
  • Upright electric mop cleans hard-floor surfaces using steam only
  • Provides an all-natural deep clean without chemicals, fumes, or residues
  • 360-degree swivel mop head cleans hard-to-reach places
  • Includes two washable and reusable microfiber mop pads, an internal water filter, and quick-release cord wrap
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Leaves no residue when mopping
  • Cheapest and efficient steam cleaners
  • Cleans a number of different types of hard surfaces
  • Takes a bit of effort to push when cleaning
  • Handle is a bit short
  • Built slightly heavier

Despite a few minor concerns most people were very pleased with the Bissell Steam Mop, giving it very good reviews and saying that they would confidently recommend it to anyone looking for a good way to keep their hard floors clean.

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3. Shark Steam Pocket Mop (S3501) – Extra-large pad and water tank

The reviews for the Shark Steam Mop are good with about three out of four people giving it a very high rating.

The Shark Steam Mop S3501 by Euro Pro lets you clean nearly any hard surface quickly and easily. You can put the harsh chemicals away and there’s no need to use a standard mop to slosh dirty water around your floors. The Shark Steam Mop uses steam to clean and sanitize your floor.

The Euro Pro Shark Deluxe S3501 Steam Mop comes with two mop heads one that is rectangular and one in a triangle shape so that you can clean just about any area and easily get into corners. Included are four durable and reusable microfiber cleaning pads, one steam duster pad, one rectangle pad, one triangle pad, and one extra-large pad, all of which can be thrown into your washing machine and reused.

Shark S3501 Steam Mop Features:

  • Shark Steam Pocket Mop Dimensions: 13.5 x 6.9 x 23.1 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 4 pounds
  • Lightweight steam mop for cleaning sealed hard-floor surfaces
  • Ready in 30 seconds; releases steam with push-forward motion of mopping
  • Includes 2 shapes of mop heads and 4 reusable microfiber cleaning pads
  • Carpet glider attachment enables you to lightly steam your carpet and area rugs for deodorizing and freshening
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • XL water capacity
  • Light and easy to use
  • Comes with double-sided microfiber pads
  • little bit difficult to push and pull around the floor
  • The cleaning cloths have to be attached manually
  • Handle is pretty short

For tougher dirt and stains you may have to hold it in place a little longer to get a good cleaning but one reviewer stated that this mop was able to get out years of ground in dirt from their bathroom floor.

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4. HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer – Fast heats up

Needless to say, the Haan SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steam Mop is not only among the top rated steam mops today, but it has very few rivals in its category. Its price is well justified considering its features and benefits, so you can look at it as an investment toward a perpetually clean home and a safe environment for your family.

Listed below are the functions and benefits of this product, as well as a few best steam mop reviews from Haan SI-60. This information should help prospective buyers decide whether this unit fits their cleaning needs at home.

Haan SI-60 Features:

  • Haan SI-60 Dimensions: 7.1 x 11.8 x 50 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 9.8 pounds
  • Swivel head for easy maneuvering
  • Heat up time only 20 seconds
  • Carpet glide attachment sanitizes and refreshes carpet
  • Removable water tank can be easily
  • produces up to 25 minutes
  • Includes 2 ultra-microfiber cleaning pads
  • Light, easy to use and cleans perfectly
  • Works on All Types of Floors
  • Extended Cord
  • Quick Heat-Up Time
  • Small water tank
  • Customer service

The fact that this steam mop not only cleans but also sanitizes floor spaces is another point of praise for the SI-60. Many have become aware of the importance of having a clean and safe home in order to avoid some of the most common diseases. In all, steam mop reviews are largely positive and consumers are convinced that buying the SI-60 was money well spent.

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5. Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop, 1940 – Best Seller

The Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop delivers superior cleaning performance with fresh scent. This steamer is innovatively designed to get into the crevices and grout. It leaves behind a clean, fresh scent while steaming.

You can use this steam mop to thoroughly clean tough messes and even grout and able to eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria when used as directed. You also will see the steamer able to clean sticky and dried-on spots much faster than other steamer out there.

The SmartSet Steam Control that allows the user to adjust amount of steam which is required to tackle messes. It can be used to carry out light cleaning, everyday messes and stubborn dirt.

The unit uses bristles to easily and quickly remove the stubborn messes by getting down into the crevices. There are some other great features of this steam mop so this article with comprehensive review will revealed everything.

Bissell 1940 PowerFresh Features:

  • Easy Scrubber
  • Spring Breeze Fragrance Discs
  • Removable Water Tank
  • The swivel head that allow you to swivel 90 degrees
  • The SmartSet Steam Control lets
  • The 23” power cord which is very generous
  • Product Dimensions: 11.6 x 7.1 x 28.6 inches; weight 6 lbs.
  • 2-year limited warranty.
  • It’s light, easy to assemble and use the unit
  • The mop is ready within 30 seconds
  • Easily get the supplies or replacement parts from several online or offline stores
  • Highly maneuverable and can be store conveniently
  • For best result, the floor needs to be cleaned before using the steam mop
  • No on/off button

This steam mop is powerful enough for average house or office cleaning. It is good for cleaning large, lightly soiled areas at a relatively low cost. (No special pad or cleaner is needed.) It’s also ideal for cleaning up mud tracks and the like. And it can remove some seemingly intractable dirt, if you’re willing to spend a bit more time and effort.

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6. Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3601D) – Powerful steam cleaner

The Shark S3601D Professional Steam Mop uses steam technology along with a patented microfiber cleaning pad design to thoroughly clean your floors. A traditional mop will simply move dirty water around your floor but the cleaning pads that come with the Shark S3601D provide a lot of surface area for picking up dirt.

The Shark S3601D Professional Steam Mop has three steam settings to be used for various floor surfaces. You’ll be able to tackle stuck on dirt and clean heavy traffic areas, use a little less steam for everyday cleaning, or use the lowest setting for a bit of light dusting or when cleaning more delicate surfaces. The three different settings allow you to choose the perfect amount of steam for the job at hand and the steam comes out hot enough to clean and sanitize your floors and it dries in just a few seconds.

Shark S3601D Steam Mop Features:

  • Intelligent 3 steam control settings, dust, mop and scrub allow you to select the perfect
  • Superior cleaning with no harsh chemicals.
  • Heat up time only 30 seconds
  • Provides 99.9% sanitization on hard floors with no harsh chemicals
  • 22 feet Power Cord.
  • 2-Sided steam pockets clean and sanitize on both sides.
  • Triangle and rectangle mop heads to suit your cleaning task.
  • 1-year limited waranty
  • Light, easy to use, and does a much better job at a cheaper price
  • The steam was ready quickly
  • Really squeaky clean
  • The floor does not feel hot

Shark S3601 is very lightweight so it is easy to move from one room to another or to bring it up and down stairs. It has a very long cord so that you can clean a large area without stopping to unplug the mop.

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7. Oreck Steam-It – Large water reservoir

The Oreck Steam-It uses pressurized dry steam melt away and disinfects dirt and grime. This mop has a pressurized and unique chamber that makes it able to clean the above floor spilling. This feature is not found with most other steam mops.

Beside, the steam mop is eco-friendly and easy to clean without using detergents or chemicals. The fast heat up in less than 30 seconds is another plus for this unit. It is able to create low-moisture, high temperature dry steam which quickly rejuvenates the carpet and removes dirt. Basically it cleans every kind of carpet.

Furthermore, the Oreck Steam-It can also clean the windows spot-free, disinfects bath and kitchen surfaces, grout and tile. It is also able to remove tough stains from car upholstery and furniture.

Oreck Steam-It Features:

  • This unit is lightweight so it can be moved easily
  • Pressurized super-dry steam heats in less than a minute.The use of dry steam removes all the damp mess.
  • Works upside-down without spillage for above-the-floor cleaning.
  • Fingertip controls and long 25-ft.
  • A wide 11.5 inch cleaning path makes your cleaning faster.
  • Chemical-free.
  • Can be used on most flooring surfaces including
  • Reusable, machine washable microfiber pads means no expensive replacement pads to buy.
  • comes with 2 washable microfiber towels, universal cleaning clips, 4 attachments, and 2 bonnets.
  • 1 year limited warranty.
  • Product Dimensions: 45.5″H x 10.3″L x 4.6″W.
  • It’s lightweight (hence portable), quiet and great steam mop
  • Reusable microfiber pads
  • Has a large water reservoir
  • Instant access to customer
  • It doesn’t have a removable cup for the water
  • Emptying the water is not very convenient

Overall, the Oreck Steam-It Steam Mops a powerful steamer designed for average home users. It is a durable and high quality vacuum cleaner with superior cleaning capabilities.

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8. Haan SI-70 Multi Purpose Floor Steamer – Fast heats up

Haan SI-70 Multipurpose floor steamer is equipped with the technology of effectiveness of steam mop plus added handheld versatility. It can effectively sanitize windows, bathtubs, walls, stoves, counters, and other hard to reach spaces in your home.

Haan Multi SI-70 transforms the completely functional mop into a handheld hand held machine that effectively sanitizes almost any parts of your home. The hand held sanitizer is equipped with touch button for easy operation.

It is equipped with powerhouse features attachments like round nylon scrub brush, angled nozzle, steam bonnet, and mini steam head.

For easy maneuver, Haan SI-70 features swivel head mop, removable water tank, and extra long cord that allow you to sanitize every part of your home. The on board hand held steamer as well as attachments offer ease of use and effective sanitizing service.

Haan SI-70 Features:

  • Removable water tank
  • Electronic pump
  • The 15 steam jets
  • Heater – heat in just 20 seconds.
  • Mop features a swivel head for added maneuverability.
  • The water tank holds 13.5 ounces of water, and this will last for up to 25 minutes of steaming.
  • Ultra Microfiber Pads
  • Includes 2 reusable 4 layer thick pads make a quick drying, easy, and streak clean.
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Product Dimensions: 7.1” D x 11.8” W x 50“ H; weight 5.29 lbs
  • Very simple yet effective to clean hard floors
  • Haan SI-70 steam mop is chemical free
  • Button controls are located on the handle of the machine, making it easy to operate and use.
  • Powered by 1200 watts
  • The water tank can only accommodate a little small (11.83 oz)
  • While some of the parts are replaceable but not the pump

The Haan SI-70 is the only best steam mop that offers multi use and full functional removable steamer. The swivel mop of SI-70 offers effectiveness in maneuvering the machine through hard to reach surfaces like under the furniture, through corners, and edges of the stairs.

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9. Eureka Enviro 313A – The water tank holds up to 20 onces

While there are various floor steamers that can offer many benefits, Eureka Enviro Steamer is still one of the highly recommended floor steamers especially to those who have a hard floor to clean.

With its features, this floor steamer should be the number one on your list. It has all the qualities of a good and impressive floor steamer. If it is your first time to seek for a floor steamer, this Eureka Enviro hard-surface floor steamer is best for you. Although it doesn’t have many features compared to other brands floor steamers, you can guarantee that it will worth the value of your money.

If your budget is tight, this Eureka Enviro hard-surface floor steamer 313A is a good item for you because it comes at an affordable price. So, if you have been searching for an item that will offer you benefits, choose this Eureka floor steamer and enjoy an environment that is free from dust mites and some allergens.

Eureka Enviro 313A Features:

  • It uses an active power steaming technology
  • Built to deliver best cleaning results.
  • Comes with an indicator light which will alert
  • The adjustable handle with cord wrap
  • The mop cloths are machine washable and reusable.
  • Eureka Enviro Steamer was engineered to let you achieve the finest cleaning results without damaging your floor.
  • The easy-reach design let you reaches under counters and into corners to sanitize the entire floor
  • The wide 12.5” cleaning path make the floors cleaning faster.
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 12.5 x 49 inches; weight 7.5 pounds.
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Works fast and simple
  • Has large mop head which makes it easy to clean a large place
  • The water tank holds up to 20 oz
  • Its included 2 mop cloths are absorbent and thick
  • The steam is not very hot
  • Filling the water tank is not user-friendly
  • The cord of this unit is not long enough
  • No variable steam control

Overall, Eureka Enviro Steamer 313A is a high quality floor steamer which you can use on a hard floor surfaces, including marble, ceramic, stone, linoleum, sealed hard wood floors and parquet. If you are searching for an easy to maneuver, space-saving, and lightweight equipment, this item is ideal for you.

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10. Black & Decker BDH1850SM – Not Available on Amazon

The Black and Decker BDH1850SM steam mop is the new floor cleaner that is being sold in the market nowadays. This is usually used at home to maintain the cleanliness of the floor. Its excellent features make it easier for users to perform cleaning tasks conveniently.

Everybody can benefit from Black & Decker BDH1850SM 2-in-1 steam mop. It’s called 2-in-1 as you can use the cleaner as an upright steam mop or simply detach it and use it as a hand held steamer.

The premium series steamer from Black & Decker can also help its users have an easier cleaning process that’s why it does not consume a lot of time just to clean the entire floor of your home. It also makes your floor cleaner and shinier in any surfaces and areas.

The new innovation and design of this 2-in-1 steam mop made with high quality materials as a result, it is efficient and suitable for a lot of people with different floor types at home.

Black and Decker BDH1850SM Features:

  • This mop has an automatic turn on and off
  • Has a digital SmartSelect technology that when you clean the particular type of floor (tile/vinyl, stone/marble and wood), the mop will immediately releases the appropriate quantity of steam needed.
  • The digital SmartSelect buttons at handle efficiently control, such as releases 50% more steam for tough stains.
  • It uses only water for cleaning. Even if it is not utilizing chemicals it can kill germs for about 99.9% that’s why this safe and effective to use in your home.
  • The large detachable water tank let you easily fill up the water and required less refills during cleaning.
  • Fast 15 seconds heat up and you’re ready to steam when the color of light that it gives changes from red and blue, this means that the water reaches the appropriate temperature.
  • The swivel steering lets you easily maneuver around furniture and corners.
  • The long 25 ft cord length eliminates you from re-plugging and no worry about distant moping.
  • Various onboard accessories to help you clean any angles of your house.
  • Product Dimensions: 26.2 x 6.1 x 12.5 inches; weight 6.4 lbs.
  • 2-year limited warranty.
  • Effective cleaning
  • Lightweight, easily maneuvers
  • Automatically stops steam (turn off) when the steam mop parked upright
  • Fast heats up
  • Many onboard tools to help you clean
  • The water tank capacity is 10.1 oz
  • The cost of this steam mop is more expensive

The Black and Decker BDH1850SM steam mop is made perfectly to clean floors efficiently. Even it’s not perfect, many people are still purchasing and patronizing this product because it has a lot of features and benefits to the people.

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Steam Mops Buying Guide

Steam mops aren’t all created equal. When thinking of purchasing one, keep the following buying factors in mind to make your purchasing decision an easier one.

1. Germ Killing Power

This is a major deciding factor. With all the germs destroyed by the temperature of the steam, you won’t have to worry about odors or dangerous bacteria growing on your floors. Most steam mops release steam hot enough to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

2. Swivel Steering

Being able to swivel the steam mop to fit into tight areas will allow you to clean more areas more effectively. Most steam mops come with this ability, but some don’t. So when you’re shopping, think of the fact that you’re going to be needing this functionality to properly clean around certain objects.

3. Total Weight

The total weight of your steam mop will determine how easy it will be to push around. It will also determine the length of time you’ll be able to use it without getting tired. The best team mop that are cheaply built may be light, but won’t offer as good of performance as the heavier models. Choosing a medium weight steam mop, depending on its application in the household, may be the best bet.

4. Mop Head Fabric

The mop cloth fabric that comes with the steam mop should be thick and absorbent enough for tough jobs. Choosing a cheaply built steam mop won’t give you the fabric durability that you need to tackle difficult cleaning jobs. It’s best to spend the extra money to get a steam mop with thick, absorbent material that will allow for the most thorough cleaning.

5. Steam Mop Accessories

Choosing the best steam mop with multiple heads, such as triangular and rectangular, will allow you to get into small spaces likes corners of a room. People with low carpets will find that a rug tray accessory will help to steam “dust” the carpet. It won’t provide as much power as a rented steam cleaner, but it will help the situation out greatly.

6. Adjustable Steam Levels

Sometimes you’ll need a lot of steam, and sometimes you won’t need as much. It really depends on the job. So a steam mop with adjustable steam levels can really help to give you the exact amount of steam for the job at hand.

7. Long Power Cord

The power cord on a best steam mop should be around 25 feet. This is enough length to allow you to move freely within a large confined space. Steam mops with shorter power cords won’t allow you the space you need to move without plugging into additional wall outlets.

8. Overall Performance

You can check the Amazon reviews to see if the steam mop you’re considering is really worth it or not. People who are listing their user experiences with the mop you’re considering will have helpful information in their posts to make your purchasing decision an easier one.

9. Brand Name Reliability

Buying a best steam mop from say Black and Decker, will provide you with a much better user experience than a cheaply built product. Always look for brand name quality and try to get a warranty with your purchase. Brand name items are more likely to stand behind the warranty and provide you with years of trouble free mopping.